21 01, 2022

My Accident Injuries Didn’t Show Up Immediately. What Happens Now?

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Accidents are uncalled-for incidents that lead victims physically and financially derailed. No matter whose fault it is, a moment of negligence can cause havoc in people's life. Victims can suffer serious physical injuries not to mention damage to vehicles and property. Anyone involved in an accident must know that in such situations two things are immediately important at the spot of the accident- police, and paramedics. Accident injuries are mostly traumatic but they may not show up immediately after the incident. So what to do in such a situation? You'll find out the answer hereafter.  Let us tell you, not reporting the accidents to the local enforcement or asking for medical assistance can have a detrimental impact on your personal [...]

17 01, 2022

Can A Driver Sue For No-Fault In Car Accident In California?

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The state of California is not a no-fault State, which means that it is an at-fault state. These laws are the ones that make it difficult for a driver to be sued for a no-fault accident by another passenger or the injured party. The purpose of establishing no-fault laws is to eliminate which party will be held responsible for a car accident in California. The insurance company will pay a settlement amount or compensation to any accident victims who file a car accident claim,  based on the degree of their injuries and damages suffered by them.  When no-fault laws are established, it often removes the entire litigation process. This means that the driver can concentrate on recovering from injuries and [...]

1 12, 2021

The Importance Of Photographs In A Personal Injury Claim

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Photographs are an undisputed record of a time when providing evidence. A picture indeed conveys a thousand words. Especially when they are accident photographs, they represent facts and the degree of devastation you are likely to suffer after an accident. When you encounter damages due to someone else's negligence, you must consider taking photos of the facts around the accident and any visible damages you sustain. Photographing your injuries and damages after an accident constitutes proof. Additionally, it is also crucial to photograph the aftermath of the accident caused by a negligent party to file a personal injury claim. Altogether, you can obtain the appropriate amount of compensation depending upon accident photographs that prove your injuries from an accident.    Photographs [...]

30 11, 2021

Lower Claim Amount? Here’s What Went Wrong

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After an automobile accident or any other personal injury case in California, the victim is likely to face expensive medical bills, loss of income, and pain and suffering. Typically, if you have been a victim of an accident where you have suffered injuries and damages, you are likely to file a personal injury claim. Once you decide to pursue a claim, you would want to do everything in your will to maximize the claim amount. On the one hand, economic damages involve medical bills and loss of income, and they are relatively easy to calculate. On the other hand, putting a value on non-economic damages such as mental agony and pain and suffering can be a challenging task.  Can the [...]

22 11, 2021

Who Can File A Bicycle Accident Claim In The Victim’s Incapability?

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An appealing thing about living in California is that you get to enjoy the outdoors all year round. One way to experience the weather and the places of California is to get around on a bicycle. Additionally, bicycles are an expensive mode of transportation used in almost all cities around the world. With several people traveling on bicycles, it is easy to cut through the traffic and which places faster. However, bicycle accidents in California are commonplace, given the volume of traffic and vehicles traveling on the busy streets. It has been estimated that California traffic might be dangerous when it comes to bicycle accidents. Due to the apparent nature of the bicycle, most of the time, bicycle accidents result [...]

19 11, 2021

Shall I Rely On Online Reviews Of A Personal Injury Lawyer While Choosing?

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If your car broke down and you are looking for a car repair shop, you would probably look online for a mechanic. For a good dinner, you'd probably check out the restaurant's online reviews. Similarly, when it comes to finding a lawyer, people are increasingly turning to online reviews to find and evaluate them according to their needs. Being reviewed online is becoming more and more important where people are likely to reply to online review of a personal injury lawyer before considering. In this generation of technology and social media presence, a personal injury law firm also considers having an engaging online presence to assist personal injury victims.    Where to begin?  When you are looking for a lawyer's [...]

16 11, 2021

Is Your Loved One Injured In A Car Accident?

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In the United States, there are thousands of people who suffer personal injury from automatic car accidents. Around the year, the United States records the highest number of deaths resulting from car accidents, and the fatalities often involve losing a loved one or suffering a personal injury. Many of these facilities involve the passenger and driver traveling in the exact vehicle, and most of the time, people interested in a car accident do not know how to manage the circumstance. Undoubtedly, getting medical attention is your priority when you suffer injuries from an accident. You must also be apprehending the checklist to follow after being involved in a traumatic car accident. However, there remains a lot that might confuse you [...]

9 11, 2021

Steps To Follow When Filing A Personal Injury Lawsuit In Los Angeles

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When you suffer personal injuries and damages from severe accidents in Los Angeles, you might be interested in filing a personal injury lawsuit in Los Angeles. Filing a lawsuit is your right if your injuries are grave to the extent that it causes significant physical, mental, and financial disturbance. When someone else's misconduct and negligence causes you injuries, they can leave you with a series of questions- "whom to sue, when to sue, and how to sue?". These questions can leave you confused, which is why you must try to consult a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible. A lawyer will guide you in filing a lawsuit as well as pursuing a claim. A successful personal injury claim will [...]

8 11, 2021

Wrongful death lawyer in California

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There are several instances of wrongful death in California that emotionally and financially drain the decedent's family members. Losing a loved one to traumatic accidents is a painful experience. It is an unprecedented amount of grief when you lose a family member because of someone else's actions. What comes with emotional trauma is the financial hardship that you have to face in their absence. Especially when they have been the sole member of your family, their demise will cause a massive financial disturbance.  As the victim’s family members, you may question if you can sue another person or compensate for your loss. In all probabilities, you can file for a lawsuit or a personal injury claim when the loss of [...]

1 11, 2021

Win A Successful Premise Liability Claim

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Most people think that it is their negligence that results in slip and fall accidents. However, many slip and fall accidents happened because of a negligent property owner. Such accidents may seem trivial, but more often than not, they cause serious physical injuries. Automatically, medical bills and additional expenses build up, causing more financial stress. Under California laws, slip and fall accidents on someone else's property can result in a premise liability lawsuit. These lawsuits are in themselves a complex legal scenario that requires sufficient evidence and appropriate legal guidance. If you or your loved one have encountered a slip and fall accident, you may consider contacting Sarraf Law Firm without delay.    What does premise liability mean?   Property owners are bound by a legal responsibility [...]

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