There are several instances of wrongful death in California that emotionally and financially drain the decedent’s family members. Losing a loved one to traumatic accidents is a painful experience. It is an unprecedented amount of grief when you lose a family member because of someone else’s actions. What comes with emotional trauma is the financial hardship that you have to face in their absence. Especially when they have been the sole member of your family, their demise will cause a massive financial disturbance. 

As the victim’s family members, you may question if you can sue another person or compensate for your loss. In all probabilities, you can file for a lawsuit or a personal injury claim when the loss of your loved one has been from another’s misconduct. Nevertheless, wrongful death in the family can be challenging to cope with, and you may not know how to proceed correctly. In such difficult times, you can consider seeking assistance from a wrongful death lawyer

If you have suffered financial loss from the death of your loved one, you may want to seek justice and compensation. At Sarraf Law Firm, we hear your worries and assist you in receiving both. 


What is wrongful death? 

Under California personal injury laws, wrongful death can be defined as an untimely death caused by the wrongful act or misconduct of another person. Such acts may constitute those actions that are reckless, negligent, or even intentional. When a person causes hurt to another person intentionally leading to their death, they may also have to go through criminal prosecutions. Generally, the victim’s family members act as the legal representative and can file a personal injury claim to get compensated rightfully. Understandably, emotional grief can be too much for you to go through the legal proceedings all by yourself. This is where a wrongful death lawyer becomes helpful. 


Why do you need a wrongful death lawyer?

In California, you can file a lawsuit against the liable person for the death of a loved one. Filing a wrongful death lawsuit will help you to hold the responsible person accountable for such a traumatic experience. However, you may be unaware of the legal steps you can take to establish a successful lawsuit. Consequently, you may require a lawyer to investigate your case and determine the process accordingly. A wrongful death lawyer will not only fight the case on your behalf but will also help you obtain the appropriate compensation. Even though a lawsuit and a claim won’t return your loved one but you can receive financial restitution moving forward. 

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How can a lawyer help in financial recovery? 

Wrongful death in California allows the victim’s family to take legal action against the liable party. The responsible party must have committed an act of negligence leading to the unfortunate incident. Serious car accidents, truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, pedestrian accidents, slip, and fall accidents might lead to injuries that cause death. The legal actions are specifically directed to provide you with the possibility of getting compensated for the losses. The losses that you can recover typically include economic losses and mental agony, the suffering of the family members, and funeral expenses. A personal injury claim provides financial support that the decedent would have generally contributed to the family in their presence. 

Get compensated in a wrongful death

The settlement amount you can claim for sustaining the financial damages from a wrongful death in California is not fixed. Thus, you may not be able to decipher the amount you are rightfully entitled to. Consequently, you may want to seek assistance from a wrongful death lawyer. A lawyer will investigate the facts of the case and determine the amount you need for financial recovery and security. 

At Sarraf Law Firm, we understand the financial complexities that a wrongful death can bring upon you. That is why we help you in understanding your rights when pursuing a wrongful death claim