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Our lawyers are here to help you find justice and peace of mind.


At Sarraf Law Firm, we take our responsibility to our clients very seriously. We know from years of experience that dedication, hard work, and keeping you involved throughout your case are all important aspects in achieving optimum results for you as a client.

We take a relentless and vigorous approach to every case, fighting for each client’s best interests in the face of negligent defendants. Our focus is your needs: safety, justice, peace-of-mind… Our team has never wavered from these principles or beliefs–and it’s because of this steadfastness that we’ve successfully represented thousands upon thousands over the course of many years.


Sarraf Law Firm is a personal injury law firm with deep roots in helping clients injured throughout California. We have proudly represented thousands of clients and successfully recovered millions on behalf of those who were hurt or lost their loved ones due to unfortunate accidents that could’ve been prevented if others had acted more responsibly.


We’re not just committed to giving you the best possible physical results, we also know that it’s important for you to start your recovery process right away. Our goal is to help alleviate the stress so you can focus on your physical and emotional healing.


Making a claim can be scary and complicated, but we make it simple. Our process is straightforward: Establish a winning strategy for your case with our thorough investigation.

  • We are committed to your claims for full and fair compensation
  • You will be treated with dignity, fairness, and respect as well as prompt responses to your communications (phone calls or email)
  • We provide a free consultation and case evaluation
  • We handle claims involving wrongful death, personal injury and catastrophic injuries but can also help you in other areas
  • We thoroughly investigate your case and find out where it stands with the help of relevant experts
  • We will provide you with assistance in filing claims and applications with insurance companies quickly and efficiently
  • We carefully calculate your damages to ensure you are receiving all appropriate compensation

Sarraf Law Firm is dedicated to helping injury victims obtain the best possible financial recovery.

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