Usually, Dogs are thought to be one of the most empathetic domestic animals. However, when threatened, even the most well-trained and loving dogs can cause harm to others. Regardless of the size or breed of the dog, its bite can create puncture wounds on the skin and injuries that can get infected. You may not realize it, but dog bites can be dangerous in certain situations. A bite injury can get more infectious if the animal hasn’t been immunized. To initiate legal action against the dog owner, you must first understand the consequences of a dog bite injury. As a victim of a dog attack, you have the legal right to file a dog bite claim because the injuries can cause both bodily and financial harm.


Dog bite injury

You may not realize how serious a dog bite is until it happens to you or a family member. After a dog bite, it’s usually a good idea to seek compensation for your injuries to be on the safe side. The best approach to protect yourself is to get immediate medical attention and talk with a personal injury attorney.

Consider calling Sarraf Law Firm if you require complete assistance when obtaining a dog bite claim to recoup your losses. Our knowledge and experience may help assist you in collecting the compensation you deserve.


The dangers of dog bite infection

If a dog has bitten you and you’re wondering if your injuries are serious enough, the answer is almost certainly yes. Dog bites can have serious medical consequences, no matter how minor the injuries appear. As a result, you may be entitled to financial compensation. To ensure that you get the deserved compensation, you should visit a personal injury attorney as soon as possible following the incident.


When do you realize it is serious?

Infections are spreadable diseases caused by germs, bacteria, and other pathogens that enter the body through an open wound on the skin. If you have been injured by a dog, you should seek medical attention right away since you have the chance of getting infected. Rush to the nearest hospital if: 

  • Bleeding doesn’t stop.
  • Muscles, ligaments, and underlying tissues are damaged.
  • Puncture wounds that are both deep and superficial.
  • Broken bones or spine
  • Emotional distress
  • Pain is uncontrollable and gets worse over time

If any of the above situations apply to your injury, we strongly advise you to act quickly. You might also hire a lawyer to help you determine the extent of your losses so that you can file the claim you deserve.


What steps can you take?

When a dog bite injury is left untreated without medical attention, the chance of illnesses spreading to other people increases. The injuries and damages caused by a dog attack differ from case to case. While some injuries heal on their own, others might take months or even years to heal. Given the physical, emotional, and financial impact of a dog attack, the law allows victims to be compensated appropriately. According to California’s personal injury laws, a dog owner is responsible for the victim’s damages, making you eligible to file a dog bite claim or lawsuit against the owner.


What are your legal options?

As a victim, you should not have to pay for the damages caused by the dog owner’s negligence. That is why you may be entitled to financial compensation for the damages you have suffered from a dog bite injury. You may be compensated for the loss of income, pain and suffering, medical expenses, and other additional damages. Turn to Sarraf Law Firm to know your rights and pursue the compensation you deserve.