Accidents are uncalled-for incidents that lead victims physically and financially derailed. No matter whose fault it is, a moment of negligence can cause havoc in people’s life. Victims can suffer serious physical injuries not to mention damage to vehicles and property. Anyone involved in an accident must know that in such situations two things are immediately important at the spot of the accident- police, and paramedics. Accident injuries are mostly traumatic but they may not show up immediately after the incident. So what to do in such a situation? You’ll find out the answer hereafter. 

Let us tell you, not reporting the accidents to the local enforcement or asking for medical assistance can have a detrimental impact on your personal injury claim. Don’t worry. Our experts at Sarraf Law Firm tell what needs to be done in such situations. 


Failing to see your injuries

Given the traumatic nature of accidents, victims are likely to face significant harm after a few days even if the injuries don’t show up right away. Seemingly minor accidents can also lead to significant damages since there is a lot of force involved when two vehicles collide together. Accident injuries may be soft tissue injuries, back injuries, or concussions. It is important to evaluate and treat minor injuries for the sake of your well-being and your eligibility to file a personal injury claim


What happens when you undermine your injuries? 

When you undermine your injuries, you are mostly increasing your chances of developing severe physical harm moving forward. This is because injuries to your soft tissues do not show up right away until a few days later. Since accidents generate a lot of force, you may get thrown around causing a lot of stress to the vulnerable parts of your body such as your muscles, ligaments, and joints.  

Undermining your accident injuries may also lower your chances of securing a fair settlement amount when you are thinking of filing a personal injury claim. In all probabilities, you’ll be needing a personal injury lawyer by your side to calculate the overall financial losses from your medical bills and records. 


Don’t confuse with concussions after an accident

Your brain is the most prone to damage following a serious accident. It may be well protected by the hard skull and surrounding fluid, but a massive strike on your head can lead to traumatic brain injury. These types of accident injuries are generally visible right after the accident which makes them easy to identify. However, soft tissue injuries and back injuries aren’t immediately visible, making them hard to identify. So you must not expect the same treatment. 

Can you still claim compensation? 

No matter what type of injuries you have suffered, you will be eligible to get financially compensated. The compensation amount for a personal injury claim for traumatic brain injuries is generally more than other accident injuries. However, you must not be mistaken that you won’t be eligible for the same amount of compensation for soft tissue injuries, broken bones, or back injuries. That is why it is important to seek immediate medical help without any delay. Irrespective of the injuries, your personal injury lawyer would require your medical records to claim compensation from the insurance company on your behalf. 


Do not settle right away. Talk to us first

Following an accident, the insurance company may contact you and attempt to persuade you to settle right away. Our experts at Sarraf Law Firm, recommend you refrain from doing so. Instead, talk to us so that we can help you understand the degree of the damage and thereby seek the compensation you deserve.