An appealing thing about living in California is that you get to enjoy the outdoors all year round. One way to experience the weather and the places of California is to get around on a bicycle. Additionally, bicycles are an expensive mode of transportation used in almost all cities around the world. With several people traveling on bicycles, it is easy to cut through the traffic and which places faster. However, bicycle accidents in California are commonplace, given the volume of traffic and vehicles traveling on the busy streets. It has been estimated that California traffic might be dangerous when it comes to bicycle accidents. Due to the apparent nature of the bicycle, most of the time, bicycle accidents result in severe or even fatal outcomes. When such incidents leave you with physical injuries and financial stress, you can file a bicycle accident claim to recover all your losses.

At Sarraf Law Firm, we strongly advise all cyclists to follow the California rules. If you have been injured even after following the bicycle rules and codes, you can contact us to know your rights and legal options. 


Who shall represent you? 

There can be several reasons for encountering a bicycle accident in California. Sometimes it may be a negligent rider, and at other times it may be the fault of a pedestrian. Whatever be the reason for the accident, you can suffer injuries and damages that mind restrains you physically and financially. The aftermath of bicycle accidents in California is followed by investigations and dealing with the insurance company. Given the degree of pain and suffering that a victim can possibly suffer, California personal injury laws allow the victim’s family to file a bicycle accident claim. However, for further investigation and legal proceedings of your case, it is a wise move to discuss your legal rights with a bicycle accident lawyer. When you consider consulting a personal injury lawyer after a bicycle collision, you ensure that your rights are protected. 

As a victim, you must consider the assistance of a personal injury lawyer to investigate complex bicycle collisions to seek appropriate compensation from someone who is at fault. When pursuing a bicycle accident claim, enlisting a personal injury lawyer familiar with every legal proceeding in bicycle accidents can significantly impact your case. 


Are the laws the same for bicycles? 

Bicycles are exposed to a greater degree of harm than someone driving in a car. Even though California law dictates that cars and cyclists can share the same road, some drivers view the streets as theirs. Consequently, someone else’s recklessness or lack of duty of care can cause you grave injuries that might make you incapable of living everyday life. The most frequent grounds of bicycle accidents in California include: 

  • Careless drivers might overlook you on a bicycle when opening a door. 
  • Poorly marked or under-maintained bicycle lanes.
  • Hit and run accidents. 

Did any of the above events cause your injuries? Talk to us and know your settlement options. 

Wrapping up 

Suffering injuries and damages in Bicycle accidents in California can be a traumatic experience. If you have been a victim, you are eligible to get compensated appropriately. Even if your injuries restrain you from taking legal action, a family member can represent your case. You might need to talk to a personal injury lawyer to get the proper legal assistance. Understandably, a bicycle accident claim can be complex. Still, at Sarraf Law Firm, we guarantee to protect your rights and assist your family in receiving the settlement amount to the fullest extent.