The streets of California are always busy with buzzing traffic. With vehicles running up and down regularly, you can assume a certain degree of risk. You are more at risk if you are frequently traveling on a bicycle which can be a perilous experience. Even if there are designated bike lanes and the weather is ideal for cyclists, such accidents are common in California. Despite investments made in safety infrastructures, Los Angeles contributes to the most recorded fatalities from bicycle accidents.  

Bicycle accidents happen very often even though extensive preventive measures have been taken by the local authorities. In most cases, the rider is not at fault.

If you or someone you know have encountered a similar unfortunate bicycle accident in California, you must consult a personal injury lawyer on how to recover compensation for your losses. 


How to proceed? 

If you have been hit while riding your bicycle, you have the right to pursue a claim for the losses and injuries suffered. Generally, things might seem intimidating if you are involved in a bicycle crash. You might question whether your injuries are grave enough to recoup the losses.

Undoubtedly, a lawyer will tell you that pursuing an insurance claim is worth it. When it is your first time filing a lawsuit following a bicycle accident in California, you will not be sure of what is the right step to take. In such a case, you must immediately consult a personal injury lawyer near you. 

The first thing to do before filing for a claim is to understand the nature of the accident. Besides proving the negligence of another driver, a personal injury lawyer can help you to obtain a larger amount of claim. Specifically, if the accident was the consequence of: 

  • The infringement of the California vehicle code.
  • Multiple parties’ carelessness or negligence. 
  • Bad earnestness by the insurance company. 

You have the best opportunity at obtaining the highest possible amount of claim if you retain a personal injury lawyer. Based on the rule of comparative negligence, a lawyer will help you determine the correct value of your claim. 

Who pays for it? 

The liability arising out of a bicycle accident rests upon the party at fault. As a victim, you hold the legal right to claim compensation when the accident is caused by another driver’s carelessness. Such compensation will be derived from the party who is at fault.

You are eligible to file a direct lawsuit against the liable driver. You can also file a claim against the driver’s liability policy. Such can be done if the driver’s error, causing the accident, involves: 

  • Recklessness or distracted driving.
  • Driving under influence or driving impaired.
  • Over-speeding.
  • Failure to take appropriate care when making turns.
  • Breaching safety regulations and traffic laws. 

Remember, even if you are to be partially held responsible for the bicycle accident, you can still claim monetary compensation depending upon the proportion of your fault. A personal injury lawyer will be a vital resource to make your case turn strongly in your favor. 


Damages that can be recovered

Mostly, you have the right to claim compensation following the full extent of injuries suffered by you. At Sarraf Law Firm, we understand that your losses and injuries may extend beyond expectations.

For severe bicycle accident injuries such as multiple bone fractures or trauma to the brain, we carry out in-depth investigations to recoup the highest amount of compensation for your losses and medical expenses. We fight your case, keeping in mind your best interest.