For any loss or injury that you have suffered, you are entitled to get compensated. Especially, when your suffering has arisen from someone else’s conduct. The California law dictates that a person who has suffered substantial losses can recover them as part of a personal injury claim

Your injuries are more painful when they are not caused by you. This is why you deserve to be compensated rightfully. When you are planning on pursuing an injury claim, contact Sarraf Law Firm right away to get what you deserve. 

The injuries which you have suffered can occur from several circumstances, leaving you adversely affected or disabled for a long time. Due to this reason, the personal injury compensation also varies accordingly. 

You can claim compensation when: 

  • You have been in a road accident where a third party is at fault. 
  • You are a victim of a slip and fall accident.
  • You have lost a loved one to a wrongful demise.
  • Suffered injuries from a dog bite. 

For all these above instances of personal injuries, your first step will be to hire a personal injury lawyer. They will assist you in claiming the loss of income and physical damages incurred directly upon you as a consequence of the accident. 


Determine your deserved amount of compensation 

When you seek a personal injury claim, it is done as part of the special damages suffered by you directly from the accident. Additionally, you can also claim compensation for general damages. General damage is the tag given to the financial value of suffering, pain, and loss of quality of life resulting from your injuries. A claim for loss of income is categorized into parts: past loss of income and future loss of income. The value is calculated by the court and a personal injury lawyer, in proportion to the degree of loss and severity of injuries suffered by you. There are two factors that determine the amount of claim. Firstly, the overall loss of income, and secondly, the level of your injuries. Therefore, the amount of compensation will vary according to your injury type. 


Based on the general degree of damages 

Typically, a personal injury victim is compensated based on their general degree of damages. These claims are based on the pain you go through resulting from your injuries, directly from the accident or loss.  The adversity of your injury will define the amount you deserve. For example, the compensation amount for traumatic head injuries and severe physical harm will allow you to claim a higher amount than mild injuries and wounds. 

In some cases, the claim amount is hard to quantify since the victim can suffer more psychological harm than evident physical injuries. Where the accident has caused the victim debilitating pain to the extent of decreased mobility and paralysis, the compensation amount will rise. For such incidents, the prolonged prognosis of the victim’s recovery will be taken into account. The personal injury lawyer will investigate the degree of your damage, on which the amount of claim will be calculated in general damages. Thus, to understand the nature of your damage, it is crucial to consult a personal injury lawyer. 


Based on loss of income

An accident is likely to leave you hurt to the point where you are forced to take time off from work, resulting in loss of income. Reduced mobility and your ability to do daily work will impact your regular earning ability. You have the right to apply for a personal injury claim when such incidents happen. 

The amount is calculated based on the loss of your overall income and other expenses. This includes the cost of medical treatment, travel expenses to the medical facility, and additional expenses that are required to come back in a normal way of living after the accident. All these can be difficult for you to document. Therefore, you need a personal injury attorney. At Sarraf Law Firm, we assist you in claiming the recovery amount that you deserve to pay for the care costs in the present as well as the future.