Slip and fall accidents may seem to be trivial but sometimes they can be quite severe. Such accidents can happen anytime and at any place without warning. People are often considering slip and fall accidents to be their fault. In most cases, the fault is likely to be someone else’s.

At some point, you may experience a slip and fall accident and the injuries may be more severe than just cuts and scratches. You will be at a loss of what to do after the accident that wasn’t even your fault. But the immediate step that you need to take after encountering a similar incident is to build a strong case in your favor. 


Seek immediate medical attention 

Before proceeding with anything else, the first thing you’d need to do is call an ambulance or seek immediate help from the nearest medical facility. If you have been hurt, no matter how small the injury is, it must be appropriately documented. The medical reports will constitute an important piece of evidence when you pursue a claim for your injuries. You should provide the medical record to a slip and fall accident lawyer

Immediate reporting of the accident

After getting proper medical help, the next thing to do is report the incident as it has occurred. The accident can happen anyplace, from a shopping mall to a walkway or a friend’s home. Irrespective of the place of occurrence, you must remember to report to the building owner, manager, or landlord.

Remember to get a detailed report of the accident in writing and ask the concerned authority to be a signatory. You can also ask the potential witnesses for their details. The details will include their name, phone number, and address. You need to provide these documents to a personal injury lawyer


Record every piece of evidence and information 

A slip and fall accident can jeopardizing your physical state. More than cuts and bruises, you might suffer injury to the brain, spinal cord, or even multiple broken bones. The degree of injuries suffered can make you bedridden and even lose out on your regular life.

You would not want that to happen. That is why you must record every detail that will help you prove your case and claim a higher amount from the defaulting party.

You can take photos of the spot where you tripped, the surroundings. Include the exact date, time, clothes and shoes that you were wearing, and other conditions that contributed to the accident. You will need all these records when pursuing a slip and fall accident claim. 


Refuse to accept or assign blame

No matter what, while reporting or filing the case, refrain from accepting or assigning blame.

Before claiming any amount of compensation, you are recommended to consult a slip and fall accident lawyer who will assist you better, in understanding the nature of your injuries. 


Contact a lawyer 

After every formality has been recorded, the final and most crucial thing to do is to call up a personal injury lawyer. In all possibilities, you have to consider filing a personal injury lawsuit to get compensated for your losses and medical bills.

A lawyer will be your best guide since slip and fall accidents are difficult to prove. You might not have the knowledge or experience to get the compensation that you deserve. You can rely on our services at Sarraf Law Firm, to get the best assistance when obtaining monetary compensation for your injuries. 


Always at your service 

At Sarraf Law Firm, we understand that slip and fall accidents can get complex. Sometimes, even harder to obtain the expected amount of compensation. You may also refrain from filing a lawsuit because of the volumes of paperwork you need to go through. With our successful track record, we will provide assistance in helping you win your slip and fall accident claim.