Slip And Fall Claim

Accidents happen, and this is true even when you are just entering another person’s property. If it takes place in a grocery store aisle or on poorly lit stairs, the consequences could be worse than if they happened to someone at their local pool; nonetheless, slip and fall accidents can result in serious injuries for anyone involved. Sarraf Law Firm is here to help you with your slip and fall claim.

Though most people don’t necessarily expect to slip and fall while walking into somebody else’s territory (such as inside of an apartment building), these sorts of things do occur all over the world every day. Though some cases may only result in minor trauma like cuts that need stitches (if not more deep wounds) there have been plenty of occasions where slips have resulted in severe head traumas- simply because one foot slipped off of.

Our Approach for Slip and Fall Claims

Injured in a slip and fall? Contact Sarraf Law Firm’s best injury lawyer for help. From the first day of your accident, we will guide you through what you need to do in your slip and fall claim, and help you make a decision whether you should resolve your case without needing to go before a court of law.

Here are some of the things we can help you with:

  • Gather evidence such as photographs, security footages, incident reports, medical records and proof of lost income.
  • Correspond with insurance companies, medical providers, employers, and anyone else you’d like us to communicate with.
  • Negotiate with Insurance companies and make sure you get the best possible settlement.
  • Explain to you the pros and cons of going to court.
  • Build the strongest case possible.

At Sarraf Law Firm we only care about you and your rights. At our firm it’s more than a case, it’s personal.