1 11, 2021

Win A Successful Premise Liability Claim

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Most people think that it is their negligence that results in slip and fall accidents. However, many slip and fall accidents happened because of a negligent property owner. Such accidents may seem trivial, but more often than not, they cause serious physical injuries. Automatically, medical bills and additional expenses build up, causing more financial stress. Under California laws, slip and fall accidents on someone else's property can result in a premise liability lawsuit. These lawsuits are in themselves a complex legal scenario that requires sufficient evidence and appropriate legal guidance. If you or your loved one have encountered a slip and fall accident, you may consider contacting Sarraf Law Firm without delay.    What does premise liability mean?   Property owners are bound by a legal responsibility [...]

30 09, 2021

Tips To Make Your Slip And Fall Accident Injury Claim Stronger

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A slip and fall accident happens without warning, and you can suffer grave injuries from it. You might think it is your negligence, but did you know that someone else's negligence is also important? Have you ever wondered about the legal steps you can take when you suffer injuries on someone else's property? In most slip and fall accident claims, liability is the first thing that a personal injury lawyer questions. When you are filing a lawsuit for pursuing a claim, proving the property owner's liability is the primary thing that will make your case more robust. To establish a premise owner's liability, the foremost thing that a lawyer needs to prove is negligence.  Knowing how to prove negligence and [...]

10 09, 2021

To Do List For A Slip And Fall Accident Claim

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Slip and fall accidents may seem to be trivial but sometimes they can be quite severe. Such accidents can happen anytime and at any place without warning. People are often considering slip and fall accidents to be their fault. In most cases, the fault is likely to be someone else's. At some point, you may experience a slip and fall accident and the injuries may be more severe than just cuts and scratches. You will be at a loss of what to do after the accident that wasn't even your fault. But the immediate step that you need to take after encountering a similar incident is to build a strong case in your favor.    Seek immediate medical attention  Before [...]

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