Most people think that it is their negligence that results in slip and fall accidents. However, many slip and fall accidents happened because of a negligent property owner. Such accidents may seem trivial, but more often than not, they cause serious physical injuries. Automatically, medical bills and additional expenses build up, causing more financial stress. Under California laws, slip and fall accidents on someone else’s property can result in a premise liability lawsuit. These lawsuits are in themselves a complex legal scenario that requires sufficient evidence and appropriate legal guidance. If you or your loved one have encountered a slip and fall accident, you may consider contacting Sarraf Law Firm without delay. 


What does premise liability mean?  

Property owners are bound by a legal responsibility to make the property safe and walkable for visitors. Irrespective of the type of building, the owner has the duty to ensure that their premises are safe from hazards and slip and fall accidents. Under the California laws, this is regarded as a duty of care that all property owners must follow. The duty dictates that the property owner must take appropriate precautions to prevent dangerous accidents. The precautions include providing safety equipment, warning signs, and other necessary measures to protect the visitors from getting injured. When the property owner fails to provide the necessary precautions, a breach of duty of care is said to have been committed. To learn more about the breach of duty of care in premise liability, call Sarraf Law Firm.

Overall, when you suffer severe injuries and damages on someone else’s property, it falls under the provisions of premises liability. Consequently, the elements of premise liability will apply. When such incidents happen, you may be eligible to file a personal injury claim to get financially compensated. The claim will particularly arise from the liability lawsuit that you file after the accident. Each element of premise liability is established under the principle of negligence.

Moreover, slip and fall accidents may have different circumstances and facts causing the incident. The amount that you will be eligible to receive from a personal injury claim depends on the facts of a particular case. Remember that premises liability can become complex to establish since the burden of proof falls upon you. You may consider hiring a skilled personal injury lawyer to help you win a successful personal injury claim. 

Filing a successful claim 

When victims encounter severe physical injuries and financial damages from slip and fall accidents, they may be eligible for economic and non-economic damages. Economic damages constitute your medical bills and loss of income. At the same time, non-economic damages include your pain and suffering and your inability to enjoy life. Thus, filing a personal injury claim acts as financial restitution. Based on the degree of damages you suffer, a personal injury lawyer will determine the amount you can claim as compensation. 

Gathering evidence is the first step to receiving a successful premise liability claim. Evidence constitutes photographs, medical reports, police reports, or other documents that prove your injuries and damages. Apart from investigating for evidence, an experienced personal injury lawyer will assist you in establishing the breach of duty of the property owner.

A personal injury lawyer will prove that your injuries and damages have resulted from the failure of the property owner to take necessary steps in resolving potential hazards within the property. Additionally, a lawyer will also prove that your injuries and damages have caused you significant losses. These processes are a part of the legal proceedings that are necessary for a successful personal injury claim. 

Consult Sarraf Law Firm

A successful premise liability claim requires a personal injury lawyer to prove legal ownership of the property, the negligence of the owner, and your proven damages. In addition to your injuries, dealing with legal proceedings can become more stressful. That is why we assist you in building a strong premises liability case to get you compensated appropriately.