Thousands of people in and around Los Angeles use Uber/Lyft as their daily mode of commute. They are more affordable than usual rideshares. But, have you ever wondered what you should do if you encounter an accident with Uber/Lyft? Or, when you get hit by one of these modes of transport while crossing the street? Such accidents are in the news now and then. If you have recently suffered injuries in a rideshare accident, you can call Sarraf Law Firm for legal assistance. We will assist you in obtaining your deserved compensation. 

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An important thing that you will be required to gather after your accident is sufficient evidence. When you have been in an Uber/Lyft accident, gathering enough evidence will help prove your damages and injuries. Evidence is what makes your claim stronger. A personal injury lawyer will require accurate details of your accident for which evidence will be useful. The facts will predominantly include information about the driver, witnesses, and other necessary reports. 

Uber/Lyft accidents can be pretty complex and challenging to access. From instances of the accident to the degree of fault and damages, it becomes difficult for you to record everything. You will need assistance in such matters. An Uber/Lyft accident lawyer will be your best guide in such matters. They will also understand your case better and will fight for your rights. 


The first step 

If you have been injured severely in an Uber/Lyft accident, the first step you need to take is seeking medical help. After that, call up the police to further investigate the accident. The investigation is necessary to determine the degree of damages and injuries suffered by you. These are crucial pieces of evidence that a personal injury lawyer will require to get you the maximum amount of compensation. 


Police reports

The police report is first-hand evidence of the Uber/Lyft accident. The information will record the details of the accident based on witness reports and on-spot evidence.

The police report is also helpful in designating the person at fault for the accident. This report is crucial because it gives evidence from the witnesses’ point of view and the police officers’ observation. 


Uber/Lyft receipts

An essential document that you must retrieve as evidence is the receipt and request of your rideshare. An Uber/Lyft accident lawyer will be able to make your case more robust. When you provide a screenshot of your ride confirmation, it means that the accident took place in your presence. This evidence will be crucial to investigate further and confirm if the rideshare driver at fault was driving when the Uber/Lyft accident occurred. 


Uber/Lyft Identification details 

Identification details like the company logo are particularly applicable if you are hit while riding a vehicle or walking the streets as a pedestrian. In that case, consider capturing the logo or other identification details that prove that the driver is an employee of Uber/Lyft. Your Uber/Lyft accident lawyer will use this as a crucial piece of evidence. It will be significant in confirming if the driver at fault was a working employee of the rideshare company when the accident occurred. 


Some other relevant evidence

A personal injury lawyer will seek additional evidence to get you the maximum claim amount for your injuries and losses. Witness statements are often helpful in providing evidence for the potential negligence of the Uber/Lyft driver.

The rideshare company might disclaim their liability if the driver disapproves of their employment with the company. A witness or witnesses can help provide their observation and statement. Therefore, to avoid getting your claim rejected, consult an Uber/Lyft accident lawyer immediately.


Pursue claim without any delay

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