Imagine slipping on a wet floor, getting hit by a distracted driver, or getting bit by someone else’s dog. Who is to be held liable for your injuries? It is a complex question that many victims have asked to get compensated for something that wasn’t their fault. Several factors need to be determined before establishing a personal injury claim. The tiny details of the accident are highly crucial to evaluate the extent of liability. Most people are in the dark about getting compensated rightfully.

Especially for complex accidents, the question of liability is in itself the most important one to answer. This is why you must contact Sarraf Law Firm without any delay.  

Know your rights

When you have suffered injuries arising out of negligence or lack of duty of care on the part of another person, you are eligible to file for a legal claim from the party at fault. The personal injury laws in California provide relief to victims who have suffered mild or severe injuries, for which another’s recklessness has to be proven.

It is understandable that many people are unaware of the instances or the types of injuries that result in a successful injury claim. Accidents can happen, but a personal injury law firm can help you understand the nature of your injury and the extent to which you can get compensated. 


Reviewing the instances

Personal injuries happen in different forms. The higher the magnitude of the injury, the higher is the claim amount that you can seek. You can suffer personal injuries from a car accident, motorcycle accident, bicycle accident, and slip and fall accident. Additionally, you can also suffer damages from wrongful death, dog bites, and severe injuries from getting hit while taking a walk. 


Accident claims 

Accidents in California are frequent, given that its roadways are challenging. When an accident takes place, drivers, operators, and pedestrians can get affected or injured. Most of the accidents occur because of distracted, impaired, or drowsy drivers. While some of them are physically less impairing, others cause damage to the extent that can make finances reach sky-high.

Even though car accidents or truck accidents are likely to cause more damage when compared to motorcycle or bicycle accidents, it cannot be established that the financial damages suffered by you will not be equal or even higher. A driver’s reckless driving or negligence can cause you severe injuries, after which you can file a personal injury claim.

What constitutes serious injuries? 

  • Traumatic spinal cord and brain injuries: For which you might be temporarily or permanently disabled, causing your medical bills to pile up.
  • Amputation or multiple broken bones: Injuries that not only cause physical damage but also result in loss of income and high medical expenses. 
  • Mild pain or injuries: These involve muscle tear or ligament damage, often getting severe after a few days from the accident. 
  • Internal damage or injuries: Injury to organs and other internal complications, leading to death or long-term disability. 


Premises liability claim 

Apart from negligent and reckless drivers, the lack of duty of care of property owners also makes you eligible to pursue a claim for personal injuries. As a visitor or customer, you are entitled to a safe environment that falls under the liability of the premise owner.

The failure of the property owners to keep up to the standard of reasonable care can result in slip and fall injuries, causing more than bumps and bruises. Sarraf Law Firm makes you aware of the seriousness of your injuries and thereby helps you obtain the compensation you deserve. 


Additional claims 

There are other personal injuries that you can suffer as the result of someone else’s inappropriate conduct. You can also file a personal injury claim if you have suffered a dog attack or got hit while taking a walk.

The negligence laws in California also allow a victim to file a claim on losing a loved one to someone else’s fault. Sarraf Law Firm is rooted in assisting its clients in claiming the expenses of medical care and other monetary compensation that help them retrieve their ordinary lives.