If you or your loved ones have been hurt in an accident that was someone else’s fault, you are bound to wonder where to take your turn first. The health care bills may be mounting and you might even be forced to miss your work due to the injuries caused by the accident. At hard times like this, you need an experienced and professional helping hand to come along with you and fight the at-fault parties and the insurance companies on your behalf, while you focus on getting back into good health.

Importance Of Personal Injury Attorney | Sarraf Law Firm

There are different types of personal injury accident claims for which you should think and consider having a personal injury attorney, which includes:

At Sarraf Law Firm, we have been representing clients who were hurt because of someone else’s negligence. We know from years of our experience that dedication, hard work, and keeping you involved throughout your case are all important aspects in achieving optimum compensation for you as a client.

For Your Claim Insurance Companies Want To Pay As Little As Possible:

With an insurance company when you file a claim, you may get a surprise when you find out that the insurance company makes you an offer of settlement right away even before you get a chance to consult with your lawyer. This, not something that happened accidentally.

Importance Of Personal Injury Attorney | Sarraf Law Firm

Insurance companies with highly experienced claim evaluators know exactly what is the actual worth of your claim, and this is the reason they want you to agree on as a small share of it as possible. The person from the insurance company who will be dealing with you will try the level best to convince you that how their offers are generous and that it will be an absolute waste of money on a lawyer as you will never get more than what you have been offered.

You should always keep in mind that these insurance company individuals take care of hundreds of claims per month, making them more experienced in dealing with this than you are and they have only one motivation that is to get you as little as possible from your claim.

Amid rising medical expenses, costs to repair or replace damaged property, and lost work they understand that any amount of cash can sound to you more than enough.

Accepting an offer lesser than its value could end up having disastrous effects when you finally realize the actual extent and cost of your damages later.


A Personal Injury Attorney Understands True Compensation Of Your Claim:

A personal injury attorney has your best result intention and will never settle down to take a lowball amount that doesn’t fully cover your complete injuries and damages.

Importance Of Personal Injury Attorney | Sarraf Law Firm

You may think that you totally understand all the expenses that will arise as a result of your injuries and damages, immediately after an accident. However, it can be difficult without any experience in evaluating personal injury claims to anticipate the type of costs that might come in the future. Our personal injury attorney will be able to give an estimate of anticipated future expenses based on your injuries and damages, such as:

  • Rehabilitation or physiotherapy
  • While you obtain future medical care, loss of pay
  • Long-term suffering and pain
  • Disability or lost earning capability
  • In-house care
  • Post-traumatic event counseling or psychological treatment


Appointing a personal injury attorney early on in your claim process will give a scope to do a full analysis into the circumstances surrounding your accident i.e. speaking to witnesses and gathering evidence. In this way, if the need for you to visit court comes up in order to recover all that you deserve, you don’t need to scramble at your last minute to find a lawyer and your personal injury claim will be trail-ready already.

If you or your loved ones have been hurt in an accident in California, contact us immediately for a free consultation on your claims.