Motorcycle Accident

In California Motorcycle Accident is often caused by negligent and inattentive drivers on the road. Product defects and negligence can cause spinouts or rear end collisions, or force a motorcyclist off the highway. We meticulously investigate your claim, discover various forms of fault/negligence, build you case up to get maximum compensation from wrongdoers who contribute to these accidents (e.g., manufacturers).

Motorcycle accidents often happen because:

• A driver cuts off a motorcycle when changing lanes Calif. Vehicle Code 21658
• A driver follows the motorcycle too closely
• A driver fails to observe proper lane distance CA DMV Motorcycle Tips
• A driver runs a red light or stop sign See California DMV for Vehicle Codes

Our Process for Motorcycle Accident Cases

A motorcycle accident lawyer will explain that the negligent party is usually determined by whether they acted as someone who would have been reasonably expected – Oftentimes people don’t know what duties exist and sometimes failing those duties doesn’t necessarily constitute being guilty of acting negligently – but there’s no one set standard across all jurisdictions.

The laws in California are very specific about the way motorcyclists and car drivers should operate their vehicles. They have to drive safely, refrain from dangerous behavior while behind the wheel.

Here are the breakdown of our process for Motorcycle Accident claims:

  1. Investigate the cause of your accident
  2. Explore the extent of losses due to the accident
  3. Communicate with insurance companies
  4. Evaluate pre-trial settlement offers
  5. If necessary, we prepare for a trial case