Many people go around every day relying on others to drive them around. You expect a smooth ride when you use Lyft or Uber – but what will happen if this smooth ride gets you involved in an accident? Sarraf Law Firm is here to explain to you what will happen if you encounter such a mishap in a Lyft or Uber, and what is the right step you should take next after the accident.
We will also give you knowledge about how you can get the right compensation from a Lyft or Uber accident in California.

As A Passenger How To Handle An Lyft or Uber Accident

Sarraf Law Firm | Lyft or Uber Accident

If you, as a passenger, had an accident in a Lyft or Uber, by now you may be wondering what should be the next best step for you to take. If you are suffering from injuries, you might have medical expenses that need to be covered. You might also be out of work because of these injuries or you could be in pain.
In any of the above scenarios, you may want to consider taking your personal injury case to an experienced personal injury attorney in California.
The websites belonging to the Lyft and Uber companies don’t give a clear view on particular instructions for riders in case of an accident. However, they do instruct their drivers to always call 911 in case of an accident and to make sure always that their passengers are alright and arrange for people needed in medical attention.
Moreover, both of these companies – Lyft and Uber, are always looking to keep their customers safe and loyal.
In the event of an accident, Lyft has a “Trust and Safety Team” which will reach out to passengers in an attempt to manage the crisis and insurance information.
Ultimately, Lyft and Uber are concerned about the safety of their passengers, but however, they also have to worry about their drivers and the incumbents of the other vehicles. Both of Lyft and Uber’s websites give the opportunities to the riders to reach out to the company directly in case of an accident, but then after the step of it is what these companies are not always clear about.
Taking your case to a personal injury attorney means having someone right next to you with a motive to focus solely on your compensation and your recovery.
Whenever you get involved in a car crash always make sure you get as much information as you can about the accident. This means taking note of the time of day, location, and condition of the road. You should get relevant information about your driver as well as any other drivers involved in the accident if you are a passenger. Make sure you get all the following information:

Sarraf Law Firm | Uber or Lyft Accident

• Your Lyft or Uber driver’s address, name, and contact number.
• The other driver’s (If any other driver is involved in the accident) address, name, and contact number.
• For your Lyft or Uber driver – the personal insurance information.
• Any other relevant insurance information you can get regarding Lyft or Uber’s in-house insurance.
• The other driver’s (If any other driver is involved in the accident) insurance information.
• The vehicle/vehicles which is/are involved in the accident, that’s information i.e. model number, registration number, and license plate)
• Addresses, name, and contact information of any witnesses.
• If you are in a condition, then take pictures and notes regarding any vehicle damage or injuries that are caused because of this accident.
Ultimately, in the end, you might be subjected to three different types of insurance plans i.e. the other driver’s plan, your driver’s plan, and Lyft or Uber’s own plan) so it is always important to gather as much as information you can to figure out what is the best next steps for you to take.

Get The Compensation After An Lyft or Uber Accident

Sarraf Law Firm | Uber or Lyft Accident

Whether you were a pedestrian hit by a Lyft or Uber, or you were the passenger in a Lyft or Uber, or another car or the driver hit by a Lyft or Uber, for your injuries caused by this accident you should be able to seek the compensation.
Uber provides substantial insurance coverage per accident. In a Lyft or Uber accident, this insurance plan acts as the primary insurance plan.
In case if this primary insurance plan is not enough, or another driver caused the accident, their insurance policy may also be able to pay for your injuries caused by that accident. It is important to make sure that there is a policy that can cover your injuries, since accidents can cause a wide range of injuries, starting from traumatic brain injuries to whiplash and spinal cord injuries.
When you are injured in a Lyft or Uber accident due to the negligence of the driver, in order to recover your compensation you have plenty of options.
Getting a personal injury attorney on your case can help you understand the right worth of your personal injury case. You should never accept any offers to settle the personal injury case until you take your case to a personal injury attorney. Sarraf Law Firm has decades of experience in handling Lyft/Uber accident cases. Get on a call with us now!