Accident in California may or may not be severe, but they can affect your life in unprecedented ways. However, the one that results in traumatic injuries can have life-changing effects for the victim. Every year California records multiple cases of personal injuries that occur from accidents. Victims are generally unaware of the things to do on the spot after an accident. Whether you have been in a minor accident or a severe collision, you may be too confused to think clearly. That is why it’s essential to know what you can do at the accident scene to make the personal injury claim process more manageable. 

If you are curious to know your legal rights if a severe accident occurs, then read on. If an accident has left you severely injured and you are looking for assistance from a personal injury lawyer in California, then get in touch with us at Sarraf Law Firm

Immediate step after an accident

Typically after an accident, the immediate scene is always chaotic. Given that you are facing bad luck and injuries, you may not be in a state to move from the scene or think clearly. If you can get your head around the situation, make sure you are as safe as possible and try to remain calm. If you can check on others, make sure you call emergency services immediately at the scene. All in all no matter how minor or severe, make certain medical assistance is on its way. 


Immediate medical attention

Victims who sustained injuries in an accident may feel reasonably alright at the moment. Their adrenaline levels are at their peak, and the body pain may not be immediately visible. However, internal injuries and traumatic brain injuries are not always detectable immediately after an accident. Therefore, it is essential to seek medical assistance on the spot of the accident. Additionally, medical reports will help constitute evidence when filing a personal injury claim. 

Reporting the accident

Depending on the graveness of your injuries, you will need to report the accident to the local authorities. While the first step is to administer medical care, the presence of a police officer at the accident scene will be crucial in investigating the degree of damages and injuries. They will compile a police report and determine what caused the accident and its fault. Similar to the medical report, a police report will also come in handy when filing a personal injury claim with a California personal injury lawyer. 


Collecting importance evidence

Evidence plays a vital role in every personal injury claim process. Especially when you suffer catastrophic damages in an accident, you may not be in a position to collect relevant evidence. In such cases, a family member or a personal injury lawyer can assist you in managing them on your behalf. The process of compiling evidence involves accessing police reports, medical reports, and witness statements. Evidence becomes more valuable when you take pictures at the accident scene and of your injuries as well. 


Talking to an accident lawyer 

This is probably the final step that accident victims must take if their injuries and damages are caused due to someone else’s negligence on the road. A personal injury lawyer in California can be your best guide after a severe accident. You can get the ball rolling, and your attorney can help you ensure that you have all the evidence you need to file a personal injury claim and eventually win it. 

Accident in California can take a severe toll on individuals, both physically and financially. If you want to pursue a claim, it might be time for you to contact Sarraf Law Firm soon after the accident.