There are several good reasons for most injury cases to settle out of a courtroom. The procedure can get complicated and lengthy when you suffer injuries in an accident anywhere in California and seek compensation for your losses and damages. It is either through litigation or settlement that most personal injury claims are resolved. Which of these options results in a better outcome depends on the particular circumstances of a case. Settling or negotiating before your personal injury case goes to court has many advantages, which you will learn hereafter. 

Even though a personal injury settlement can be a series of complicated procedures, you can move forward faster to receive the compensation and justice you deserve with the proper legal assistance by your side. Settling your personal injury case with the help of experienced experts at Sarraf Law Firm can guide you through the legal system and negotiation procedure with the insurance company. Let’s take a closer look at the advantages of personal injury settlements. 

Settlements are often less expensive

Most accident victims or plaintiffs prefer an agreement with their personal injury lawyer, where the latter receives a significant portion of the pre-trial settlement. If you wait for your case to go to trial, the compensation amount can take up most of your settlement money, meaning that you will be left with a tiny amount. Settling your case before it goes to trial can help save on attorney fees.


Settlements are resolved more quickly

One of the primary advantages of settling a personal injury case is that the proceedings generally get resolved more quickly. This is mainly because, unlike trial cases that hinge on the availability of the court, settlement negotiations are based on the availability of the parties involved in the case. Furthermore, settlements do not necessarily require a courtroom, and the final negotiation can be reached within weeks after the accident. 

Settlements are less stressful

It is intimidating for most people to walk into a courtroom, especially when a case involves a judge. You may find yourself anxious even if you have a trusted legal representation by your side throughout the litigation process. Those who choose the settlement option often find the proceedings to be less stressful than litigation, as the parties involved are not necessarily required to comply with the courtroom formalities. 


Settlements allowed retaining control

Unlike litigation, a personal injury settlement tends to leave control in the hands of the parties who were involved in the case. Both the claimant and defendant, as well as their respective attorneys, have the allowance to argue for a higher settlement amount and can also present calculations for losses and damages in a mode private setting. In some cases, the insurance companies may even exceed a policy in an effort to avoid a lawsuit and a much larger compensation. 

Settlements are private procedure

Every personal injury case that gets litigated in a courtroom ends up being a part of the public record which means that anyone can have access to the transcript of the court proceedings. However, settlements are private so that plaintiffs do not get impacted or their professional reputations are not affected. Settlements are personal agreements requiring parties to keep the matters confidential. 


Are you considering a personal injury settlement? 

As you now know, settling a personal injury case certainly has its benefits. However, whether it is the right option for you will depend on the circumstances of your case. It is best to consult a personal injury lawyer for assistance. You can also consider contacting us at Sarraf Law Firm to book your free initial consultation today.