Traveling in a rideshare car like an Uber/Lyft is different from traveling in a personal vehicle. In the former mode of transport, the responsibility of safety is upon the driver and not yourself. Even if responsibility and liability lie upon the rideshare driver, their negligence can cause serious accidents with serious injuries. If you, as a passenger, encounter an Uber/Lyft accident in California, there are many possible ways to claim recovery.

But before filing a personal injury claim, there are a few things you need to do. These steps would help you in obtaining the appropriate amount of compensation for the injuries and damages you have suffered. 


The checklist you need to follow

Understandably, it is not every day that you get into an Uber/Lyft accident. Encountering such an unfortunate occurrence can leave you physically and financially distressed. Additionally, you may be unsure of how to proceed. Contact Sarraf Law Firm to assist you in such difficult times.

To get the appropriate amount of compensation possible for your damages, consult a personal injury lawyer.


Get medical assistance immediately if you experience pain or severe injuries

Experiencing an Uber/Lyft accident can be disturbing. It depends on how grave your injuries are from the accident. Getting medical help is critical to relieve you of any intense pain and injury. The primary purpose of getting immediate medical attention is to help with your injuries as well as prove your case to the insurance company. A personal injury lawyer will determine the amount of your claim depending upon the graveness of your injuries. Your medical reports will be regarded as evidence, and the responsible party will need them to evaluate your claim.


Collecting sufficient evidence to prove your case 

If you are in a somewhat stable condition after the Uber/Lyft accident, make sure you take pictures of the accident scene, your injuries, and the damaged vehicle. If you are unable to do so on the spot, you can take photos of your injuries as soon as possible.

Photographs are significant evidence that makes your case more convincing. Insurance companies can attempt to lower your claim amount if you do not have enough evidence. But remember, even if you cannot take pictures, it will not exempt you from filing a personal injury claim. Consulting a personal injury lawyer will help you to obtain your deserved compensation from the insurance company.  


Gather additional information/evidence about the accident

Apart from medical reports and evidence, a police report is also essential. Reporting the Uber/Lyft accident to the local law enforcement will provide evidence of the accident. Also, having witnesses to give their statements will be helpful in matters of dispute.

Disputes can occur when the party that caused the accident needs to be decided. The amount of the personal injury claim will also be based on such additional information. 


Contact a personal injury lawyer before contacting the Uber/Lyft company or your insurance company

Contacting your insurance company is necessary but consulting a personal injury lawyer is even more so. In every possibility, your insurance company will try to lower the value of your case and pay you a claim amount lower than you deserve. To avoid that, you must consult a lawyer who will step into your shoes and frame the case highly in your favor.


Get personal consultation 

An Uber/Lyft accident case is difficult to assess, which is why you need an experienced lawyer. A personal injury lawyer will provide you with the appropriate guidance you need to make your claim amount worthy of your injuries. Call Sarraf Law Firm today to get your free personal consultation before you speak to your insurer.