If you thought car accidents are complex then Uber/Lyft accidents are even more so. Imagine riding in an Uber/Lyft and encountering an accident. Whom will you hold responsible for the unfortunate event? Yourself, the driver, or the other car? It could be none of you but the Uber/Lyft company. File a personal injury claim immediately if you have been in such an accident. 

What can cause an Uber/Lyft accident that has consequences to the extent of personal injuries? Find out below and consult an Uber/Lyft accident lawyer at Sarraf Law Firm.  


Accidents in Uber/Lyft in California

Ridesharing services are on the rise in California. They are helping people commute daily. With large numbers of rideshare cars on the road, the risk of accidents also becomes high. Several things can cause an Uber/Lyft accident. Some of them can even be intentional, while others can be unintentional or just negligence. Irrespective of the causes, you have the right to seek a personal injury claim when you have been a victim of such an accident. 


Driving over the speed limit

Rideshare companies operate Uber/Lyft. It means that they are not personally owned cars. But this does not absolve them from being held responsible when caught driving over the standard speed limit. It is the most common cause of an Uber/Lyft accident in California that can leave you severely injured. Normally, the cars are mandated to drive at a fixed speed as set by the company policy. If it goes beyond that limit, causing you injuries, you can file for a personal injury claim


Overtaking or racing

Sometimes in California, an Uber/Lyft accident occurs because the driver attempts to race or overtake another driver on the road. The driver can disregard the traffic rules and drive at high speed, causing an accident. At other times, accidents also happen when the driver is in a rush to pick up or drop you off. 


Impaired driving or DUI

It is indeed the best decision to book an Uber/Lyft when you are under influence. But it is dangerous when the driver is himself driving impaired or under the influence (DUI) of alcohol. Under such circumstances, an Uber/Lyft accident is likely to happen, causing you and the driver severe injuries. If you suffer injuries from such accidents, report to the police and consult an Uber/Lyft accident lawyer immediately.  


Distracted driving 

Since rideshare are booked through an app, the drivers have to keep an eye on their phones constantly. Checking for notifications, upcoming bookings or the GPS can make them distracted. This can cause an Uber/Lyft accident.

They can also get distracted when listening to your instructions. Consequently, they can bump into another driver or an object causing severe physical injuries. Before you claim the compensation amount, consult an Uber/Lyft accident lawyer. 


Lack of training

Lack of driver training and experience can cause an Uber/Lyft accident. The consequences of such accidents can be severe to the point that you are left with injuries or long-term disability. You can file a personal injury claim in such incidents, for recovering your medical bills and losses. 


Lack of maintenance of the rideshare vehicle

When lack of maintenance of the rideshare car causes an accident, you must consult an Uber/Lyft accident lawyer. A lawyer will help you to claim compensation directly from the rideshare company, instead of assigning blame completely to the driver. 


Consequences of rideshare accidents

Depending upon the severity of the accident it can result in: 

  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Multiple broken bones
  • Deep cuts and wounds
  • Injury to internal organs, and others. 

Hire a lawyer right away

Considering that an Uber/Lyft accident has caused you personal injuries, you are eligible to get compensated to the full extent. Sarraf Law Firm will help you in obtaining your deserved compensation based on your degree of damages. Make no delay and contact us immediately.