The impact that a truck accident can have on your physical health and finances is massive. Depending on the type and severity of the accident, you can be dealing with more than physical injuries and vehicular damages. More often than not, truck accidents can leave you hospitalized for a long time or cause you long-term disability. It will leave you physically restrained, meaning that you will be unable to join work until recovery. Physical injuries also make you lose out on your income which can have dire consequences on your financial status. Moreover, things can go haywire when your injuries and damages are due to someone else’s fault. But you can recover your losses after the accident by filing a personal injury claim

Truck accidents in California happen pretty often. The massive 6-wheeler vehicle can cause more severe injuries than any other vehicle. This is why the compensation that victims are entitled to in such cases is generally high. But, the compensation amount will be determined by the legal steps you take after being involved in a truck accident. Pursuing a claim is an essential aspect of your recovery. You will want to claim the maximum amount possible for your injuries. If you are in a dilemma of determining the amount of compensation you can claim, consult Sarraf Law Firm immediately. 


How can you determine the settlement amount? 

Being a victim of a truck accident in California is a terrifying event. If you or your loved ones have encountered a similar incident, you will be worried about how you to pay for the enormous medical bills and loss of income. Keep your worries at bay because a bigger personal injury claim often follows a big truck wreck. A truck accident lawyer will help you obtain the maximum amount that you need to get back to your regular life. 

How can you claim the maximum amount? 

If you have been a victim of a truck accident, then you can end up in a financially challenging position. Especially when you are unable to get back to work, you will lose out on income. Don’t let someone else’s fault cripple you, both physically and financially. Consult a truck accident lawyer and learn how to get the maximum claim amount. 


A common query that you might have after the accident is how much your case is worth the personal injury claim. There are several factors that a truck accident lawyer will consider before determining the settlement amount. For instance, you are bound to receive compensation for the economic damages you have suffered. Economic damages include medical expenses, your lost wages, and the loss of earning capability. When your economic damages are high, you have the right to claim the most elevated amount to cover all of it. A truck accident lawyer can also secure monetary compensation for future expenses. That is when your injuries make you disabled for a long time. 

Thereafter, you can also determine the claim amount based on the non-economic damages. Non-economic damages will include the injuries that degrade your quality of life. Since they are difficult to determine, you should consult a truck accident lawyer to make your case stronger. Your pain and mental anguish can cause substantial destruction in your regular life. Based on the degree of non-economic damages, you can claim the maximum amount of compensation from the responsible party. 


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A truck accident is in itself a devastating occurrence that can lead to severe injuries and also death. If you or your loved one has encountered a similar accident, contact us immediately to know the degree of your damages.