Have you ever been involved in a personal injury lawsuit? Do you know about the relevant personal injury law? When you, as the accident victim or the plaintiff of a case, suffer injury due to another person’s carelessness or recklessness, you can bring up one of these cases before the court. You can choose two options to deal with your injury case, that is, either to file a formal lawsuit or agree to an informal settlement. When another person is found negligent and legally responsible for your injuries and damages, you are likely to receive compensation to pay for your harm and so much more. 

There are a few things that you might need to know about your injury case. For example, the statute of limitations must be applied and the specific time within which you can file your claim. Another thing to remember is that California law dictates what you will be entitled to after determining the circumstances and severity of your accident. Contact us today at Sarraf Law Firm to know which personal injury law is specific to your case


What is a personal injury law case? 

Let’s start with the basics: what defines a personal injury law case? Personal injury law tort law is established to make sure that an accident victim gets legal remedy in the form of compensation for suffering losses resulting from another’s action.

After an accident, an injured person must be able to go back to a regular life, which means being returned to a state before the accident or as close as one can get given the circumstances. Since accident injuries and the events that follow after them can become complex, it is best to hire an experienced personal injury lawyer to walk you through the relevant personal injury law. 


Who establishes the personal injury law? 

Most personal injury laws go back in time to what is now known as ‘Common Law’ rules. Common law refers to those rules put in place by judges before most laws were being established by the legislature. Similar is the case with California Law and its personal injury laws.

After a Judge hears and decides a case, his eventual legal decisions often become an example for handling similar cases in the future. This process has been repeated over time, and that is how most common law and personal injury law was established over several years. A personal injury lawyer is necessarily required to interpret the law as it is different for different states. 


How to win a personal injury case?

Proving damages to receive compensation is not as simple as just reporting the accident. The accident victim, along with a personal injury lawyer, needs to prove that: 

  1. The accident occurred,
  2. That they have sustained all the damages that they claim, 
  3. That the other party is liable for the accident through their negligence or actions. 

Evidence is a crucial aspect that helps win a personal injury case. Besides determining the applicable personal injury law, an attorney also needs to prove that the other driver’s irresponsibility caused the accident. 


What to expect? 

Since every personal injury case is different, it is difficult to pinpoint exactly what happens in the course of a lawsuit or a claim. Typically, a personal injury law case will be assessed based on the accident and the degree of damages suffered after that. A personal injury lawyer will investigate the victim’s injuries and the details surrounding the accident. 

Know the worth of your personal injury case | Sarraf Law Firm

It does not solely rest upon you to fight for the compensation you deserve based on injuries and damages you have support from another individual’s actions. With the legal representation from Sarraf Law Firm, you will be able to fight side by side with an experienced attorney who will guide you along the way, be your advocate, and give you the advice you need to get the compensation you deserve.