Trucks are an important vehicle for transportation in America and loads of them are being driven to and forth every day to deliver goods across the country. They are not driven on any separate lane, barring small cars and other automobiles, meaning that the smaller vehicles are susceptible to increased possibilities of getting hit. Trucks are also heavier and bigger than the usual vehicles on the road, which means that even a slight hit can cause severe injuries. If you have been involved in any truck wreck, consider doing these five things before consulting a truck accident lawyer

Truck accident lawyer in California

Call the police immediately 

Being in a truck wreck and an accident is an unfortunate experience. It is even more so if you have been driving your car and the crash has been severe than you ever imagined. The foremost thing you need to do is to inform the nearest police station because in all probabilities it is a case of violation of road safety and regulations.

If you are not in the physical state to make the call, ask for help immediately. If you are a witness, you must not take a moment to make the call. This is important because the police report will be very beneficial for a personal injury lawsuit proceeding and medical treatment. 

Get immediate medical attention

After you have called the police, the next step is to seek medical help as soon as possible. This will depend upon the severity of the crash and the number of injuries that you have suffered. If you are a witness to a car crash, please call the police & the ambulance if needed.  

If you are in a walkable or somewhat stable condition then you can call for medical help right at the spot, if needed. Always remember to preserve the medical bills and reports which will be used in your lawsuit and in your claim personal injury compensation. 

Informing your insurance company but not settling the claim right away 

This is a common mistake that individuals tend to make. Never accept your insurance offer right away without consulting your attorney first. Truck insurance companies know that there is a heavy legal liability hovering above them and they try their best to pay as small an amount as possible.

Truck accident lawyer in California

You must consult a truck accident lawyer before accepting any settlement claim. Such attorneys will help you to decipher the degree of the crash and thereby help you to pursue your deserved compensation. 

Keep records of every report and bills 

A significant thing to do after reporting to the police and getting medical attention is to keep the records of every piece of evidence and bills that have been involved following the accident. Building a rigid foundation for your case is the best way to ensure that you receive the maximum amount of compensation. 

Apart from your medical bills and evidence of loss of income, you can also obtain a detailed report from the physician describing the seriousness of your injuries, any disabilities suffered, and the time it has taken for you to recover fully. Prolonged disability will change the amount of compensation that you deserve. 

Contact a personal injury attorney 

Before speaking to the defendant’s insurance company, you ought to consult an experienced personal injury lawyer who will guide you in your best interest. Your insurance company won’t do so, but rather will attempt to lower your claim amount. A personal injury lawyer will save you from the burden of medical expenses and losses by helping you seek damages for the injuries suffered by you. 

This is the time that you would need to give the retained record of the police report, medical bills, evidence of your lost income, and if possible the witnesses. This will help you to get compensated to the highest degree possible and defend yourself against unfair compensation. 

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